The latest model of SimPark is the Easymatic E….
The new model has been changed on a couple of points to improve performance, such as the strength and speed that were already sufficient. SimPark offers the simplest solution for parking or moving a caravan or trailer. The powerful mover parks your caravan wherever you want. The mover is entirely made of stainless steel and other durable materials.
The SimPark mover is, thanks to the clearly indicated functions on the remote control, very user friendly.

Power and efficiency
The mover is suitable for caravans and trailers up to a maximum weight of 2200 kg.

For the professional sector or for heavy tandem axle caravans, SimPark has the XHD version. The XHD can move a maximum weight of 3300 kg. The two powerful engines in combination with the advanced electronics ensure that the SimPark mover does its job smoothly.

User friendly operation
The slow-start / slow-stop drive (start and stop without shocks) is mainly developed to gradually transfer the forces that the mover generates to the chassis of your caravan. This reduces the bending of your caravan chassis to the minimum.
You can move your caravan or trailer to the nearest millimeter and make it easy to mount, without the risk of damaging the rear bumper of your car.

As extra safety, is the SimPark Easymatic-E foreseen of a unique feature to prevent driving away with the drive rollers engaged to the tires
The SimPark mover is, partly due to this option, one of the
safest movers on the market.

Convenience has a name ... ..SimPark