The new generation of the Sencell Lithium battery is the Sencell Gold series LiFeP04 Prismatic.
The Sencell Gold Lithium batteries are available in 20 Ah. 30Ah. and 100Ah. capacity and all have the latest Prismatic cell technology.
The 30 Ah. battery is sufficient to control the SimPark caravan mover for +/- 40 min. With the 20 Ah. you have more than 25 minutes to get your caravan in place.

All Sencell Gold batteries are suitable for caravans with a 12 volt on-board system without special adjustments and can be used as comfort battery as well.The battery comes with a Sencell charger and fitting materials.
The weights of the Sencell Gold batteries are 3.2 kilograms, 4.2 kilograms and 12.4 kg respectively.

The weight saving with these new Sencell batteries is in comparison with a lead/acid battery at least approx. 24 kg.

All Sencell Gold series Lithium batteries comply with EN 62133 - UN 38.3 - CE - RoHs standards.

Sencell Prismatic 30Ah.

Sencell Prismatic 20Ah.
The 20Ah. battery has a smaller capacity, but it is more than enough to park your caravan there where you want.


Sencell battery Tray
This battery specially designed for the Sencell Tray is very handy for transporting the battery and charger. The bottom plate of the Tray is fixed on the caravan floor and the Tray is attached to the bottom plate with a click system. The battery and the charger are fastened to the Tray with firm Velcro.

Sencell Prismatic 100Ah.
This is the most powerful battery of Sencell and is often fitted in Campers as comfort battery.